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                                      SMART BLANKET FOR TRAVEL

My name is Yon O Chang and my Yon company, designs and manufactures elegant clothing for women.

Traveling frequently for business, I noticed that most airlines no longer provide blankets for passenger comfort. Since I often find myself cold once in the air, I purchased a travel blanket from a shop in the airport terminal. Whether using my laptop, reading a book, or eating, I found myself constantly struggling with this small blanket I had purchased; not to mention it just felt thin and cheap.

That is why I designed the Smart Blanket. More than just another wearable blanket on the market, my luxury wearable travel blanket has a large front pocket to warm hands or store personal belongings. When packed in the pouch it can be used as a pillow, or when open the pouch becomes a detachable foot-warmer.

While the original Smart Blanket was designed with the frequent traveler in mind, new editions for Medical, Home and Office use were conceived through special requests from our wonderful customers. Simply un-zip the bag and unroll the blanket. It’s all one piece, so you no longer have to worry about losing the carrying case. Slip it over your head and settle in for a warm, comfortable rest no matter where you are or where you are going. To repack simply roll it up and re-zip. That’s it, no folding needed!