Smart Blanket Collection

Make your travel comfortable and hassle-free with our easy-to-wear smart blankets which cover your body from head to toe. You can actually wear the blanket and cover your shoulders and chest. Its front facing hood blocks unnecessary light and gives privacy so you can sleep well. It’s warm, portable and easy to carry anywhere be it home, office, travel or outdoor. It comes in a zipped pouch in which you can easily pack and zip it and carry with your luggage. Its pouch has a secure pocket where you can keep your necessary items such as boarding pass, passport and tickets.

This warm and cozy blanket is made from high quality fleece material and has a unisex design which both men and women can carry while traveling or outdoor. The blanket comes along with a footwear to give extra warm experience and that footwear can be used as a neck comfort as well. Make your travel experience rich and cozy with Yon Design smart blankets and never regret the comfort they provide.