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Smart Blanket

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 The Wellness version of Smart Blanket is tailor-made for the elderly and disabled with a focus on daily functionality and usability.

Often the elderly and disabled are sunsitive to cold temperatures and require multiple blankets to stay comfortable especially when confined to a wheelchair or walker.

Regular blankets restrict their movements and leave them struggling with discomfort. Smart Blanket slip-on design stays in place while sested or in motion.

Smart Blanket Features:

✓ Easy to use – zip open to remove the blanket, slip over your head, and place each arm through the arm openings
✓ Easy to pack – roll the blanket lightly from the top to put back into the attached blanket pouch, then zip up
✓ Foot-warmer – detachable blanket pouch doubles as a foot-warmer
✓ Privacy hood blocks light with a ventilation hole for easy breathing
✓ Large front pocket to warm hands and keep important items close
✓ Side handle and pocket on packed blanket for easy portability
✓ Use it as a pillow – for sleep, lumbar support or tablet support
✓ Slip-on design – stays in place while seated or in motion
✓ 100% premium polyester fleece – fire retardant and machine washable, tumble dry

To provide the best fit two size options are available:
S/M – fits up to 5′ 10″ | blanket: 56″ x 60″
L/XL – fits 5′ 10″ and up | blanket: 62″ x 60″

Made in USA

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